Uasabi is a software consultancy delivering testable and predictable code from London, UK

In the past decade Uasabi has been practising software development with a focus on testing and automation. Our expertise has been recognised through our work with companies in the financial and public sector.

Uasabi believes in creating meaningful work through values

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    People-first engineering

    People don't wish for software, they seek usable solutions that improve their lives. Software is simply a means to an end, a tool that we use to give people the freedom to create, communicate, and save time. We believe that during the design process we should never lose sight of what the user *really* wants.

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    Predictable code

    Every line of code should have a dedicated purpose and clear function. What we do is not about boundless artistic expression, it is about providing people with a reliable and trustworthy tool. We keep our work simple and open so that we can give the world something powerful. Something that people can use, adapt, and rely on.

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    Pragmatism always

    The world changes constantly, ebbing and flowing as it goes. Our solutions must accept this reality and be fluid and simple to change. They must be able to react to the world around them. Delivering software is not a one and done journey. We do it. We do it right. Then we do it even better. That is our journey.

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    Clear communication

    Communication is the life-blood of every creative journey. We work tirelessly to understand the needs of our users to ensure that we create something that fulfils a need. By building relationships on a foundation of intellectual curiosity, social tolerance, and mutual respect, we create connections which result in the tools the world deserves.

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